To eat, or to graduate, that’s the question they’re forcing me to answer.

A couple of years ago, my department began a seminar series, inviting academics from around the world to give talks about their research. I didn’t pay attention, because I wasn’t interested in spending my Friday afternoons listening to people talking about the minutiae of their research. The next year, the department instituted a degree requirement, forcing all … Continue reading

Useless things I learned in undergrad

Last week, I was proctoring a midterm, and a student was identified as having his notes with him at his desk. As far as I can tell, he had no intention of cheating. He merely wanted to get a good look at his notes before the exam started, and then just placed his notes under … Continue reading

Pop Quiz Philosophy

This year marks the 4th time that I am a TA for course X. In the years that I’ve run the tutorials, frankly, not much has changed. I tweak things here and there, but most of the time, I solve the same problems that I solved 4 years ago. One aspect in particular are my … Continue reading

Asset Acquisition Anxiety

In two weeks, I will be moving into my first home. I don’t quite own it, in that I did not pay for the down-payment, nor can I afford the monthly mortgage payments, but it is legally under my name, and supported by my parents. As a University of Waterloo graduate, I lived the life of … Continue reading

Copyright for You and Me – My censored post

As I mentioned in my last post, I wrote an informational piece on how copyright is relevant for post-secondary students, even if we aren’t writing novels and recording music. It was censored, so I’m posting it on my own blog. I don’t think there was sufficient cause for censorship, but oh well. This post is … Continue reading

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