I Definately Did Good Grammer

I was working on some group project, and the group member that compiled the report emailed the group saying that it was ready for submission, saying that she had checked over the “grammer.”


How could a fourth year business student think that it’s acceptable to spell grammar with an “e”? I’ve become more aware of the ubiquity of poor grammar, especially as common misspellings have spread like wildfire across the online stage, but we are talking about near-university graduates.

It is an utter embarrassment to the Wilfrid Laurier University that their graduates still talk about how they did “good” on a test. *shudder* Just writing this makes me ill.

I blame the Internet for a good chunk of bad spelling out there. I have never typed “you” with a “u” for “for” with a “4,” but I’m finding that I need to think twice before I spell “definitely” (any a’s?) and check the vowels in “than” vs. “then.” It’s surprising, because these words were never an issue for me before, but as I am more and more exposed to the horrible spellers on the net, my brain is subconsciously starting to accept (except!) these mistakes.

There’s an article online that refers to a British professor who proposed writing “irregardless” of all spelling rules. Can you believe it? It would slow down my reading speed so much. Besides, how would I decide who deserves my derision? I hope for the sake of–well, many things that this never happens.

P.S. “irregardless” isn’t being picked up by spell check–it’s already starting!

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2 Responses to “I Definately Did Good Grammer”
  1. Mikael C. says:

    It’s not an embarassment to the school, they punish students for writing improperly in assignments. It’s a problem with the students that keep two forms of communication, formal for grading and stupid, for outside of official school work.

    They’re also business majors, we never expect much from them in the first place.

  2. Andrew F. says:

    They, however, seem to believe in their superior communication skills. It’s one of the hardest skills in the average BBA’s toolbox.

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