My Final Final Exam

I wrote my final final exam today.  I can’t believe I’m done!

I’m not feeling particularly free, or happy, it’s just a realization that my undergraduate career is practically over.  Officially, it’s not over until the fat lady sings at the end of convocation, but the educational part is over.

In only three weeks, I’ll be starting as a graduate student at U of T, but until then, all I have left to do is…well, nothing.  I can’t even register for classes at U of T, because officially there’s still a possibility that I won’t graduate, and I won’t satisfy my acceptance conditions.  I’ve been advised to attend the classes that I intend to take, and when my unofficial transcript comes out, I will be conditionally registered.

I’m a little surprised at the total lack of systems in place for someone who finishes her bachelors in the summer term.  I highly doubt that I’m a rare case.

I’ve been getting emails from U of T for the past few weeks, reminding me to register, and asking me to apply for TA positions.  I’ve been trying to make my way through the various U of T websites, looking for student references, like a schedule of classes, an academic calendar, a list of important dates and the like.  It’s so frustrating; the website is hard to navigate and there doesn’t seem to be a central source of information for all graduate students.  Because I’m so familiar with the UW website, I know exactly where to look for what, whereas the U of T website makes me feel like I’m groping for a light-switch in the dark.

Mixed in with my excitement for starting in a new place, I’m reminded of how lost I was when I first started at Waterloo.  I’ve realized that I’ve acquired a huge amount of latent knowledge, and although it’s efficient to stay in one place, I’m glad that I’m moving on, and widening my exposure.

I’m going to go practice calling myself a U of T student.


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