Tell Us About Telus

In just one week, Telus will begin charging its customers for incoming text messages.  For a few days, I was hopeful that the government would intervene and regulate the charge, but it is taking the classical economist’s view that the customers will decide how they feel about this charge.

I’m not huge on government intervention, but Telus’ actions makes me angry anyway.  People have been claiming that the charge is exorbitant, and Telus doesn’t really need the extra money to support its network, but that’s not even what bothers me.

About a month prior to announcing that they would be charging for incoming messages, they eliminated their low-end text messaging package, Spark 7.  For $7/month, a client would get caller ID (a $6 value) and 100 outgoing text messages.

Of course after they made their announcement, people began looking for low-end texting plans, so that they wouldn’t be charged for incoming messages.  The new plans started at $3/month for 30 outgoing messages.  Since $3 is considered immaterial to most people, I believe many subscribers added the tiny plan, which added even further to Telus’ huge increase in revenue.

I only wish that I could pull out of my contract without having to pay a $750 penalty.  If anyone is looking for a cell phone provider, don’t sign with Telus.  Consider Virgin.

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