A Web of Red Tape

I have never been so stressed out about school while I wasn’t in school before.

I am finishing up my undergrad at UW in the next month, while starting as a grad at U of T in a week.  I was offered a conditional acceptance where the conditions were: graduate, and maintain a 75% average.  Okay, no problem.

Okay, problem.  My marks at UW don’t become official until September 22, and I don’t “graduate” until October 30th, or something like that.  I figured, ‘I can’t possibly be the only student who takes summer courses.  I’m sure there’s a system in place for students like me.’

U of T has refused to send me any registration information, because I’m am still not eligible to register.  I don’t resent them for this.  I mean, I could technically fail to meet my degree requirements, and they shouldn’t let me be a U of T student if I do.  However, I still need to find out what classes I need to attend, and know what processes I need to take.

I started contacting various admin assistants in July to find out what kind of loopholes and exceptions they have in place for people in my situation.  First, I was told that an unofficial transcript would suffice in allowing me to defer my tuition fees and register conditionally, but when I got my summer marks and provided my unofficial transcript, I was told that my unofficial transcript was worthless.

I had to contact my undergrad registrar and obtain a letter confirming that I had met my degree requirements.  Extensive pain ensued as my program required 3 authorization signatures stating that I had met the BMath side of my double degree, the BBA side of my double degree, and the OR major that had declared.  Of course I didn’t find out about this until after the summer term final exams were over, as in, everyone who needed to sign my letter was off enjoying their holidays.

In the mean time, the beginning of school is drawing ever nearer, and I still have no idea what was expected of me.  Stress is weighing heavily on my shoulders.

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