Parking Woes of a Torontonian

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has decided to remove the parking feature from its all-you-can-ride Metropass.

In many ways, Toronto exhibits the weaknesses of an old city that grew rapidly, into the vast empty land surrounding it.  It’s surrounded by sprawling suburbs, and it’s nearly impossible to live in the GTA without a car.  Since our city centre is so concentrated, land is a premium, making parking and driving a bit of a nightmare.

To alleviate the stress of driving, many commuters opt to drive to a transit point, leave their car there, and take the TTC to the heart of Toronto.  I think it’s a great idea, even if it still costs a lot.  A one-time fare is $2.75, but if you ride everyday to go to work, you may opt to purchase a Metropass.  I can’t seem to find the cost of one of these guys, but they give you unlimited ride and park privileges.  To the commuter though, it’s a material, yet necessary cost.

However, starting in 2009, it will cost up to $6 per day to leave your car at the major parking lots.  the TTC says that they’re losing too much money on the Metropass parkers.  People are already lashing back, saying that they’ll ditch their passes once they implement this cost.  However, I’m sure that this will be the case, because it would be infeasible for a vast majority of commuters.  In fact, there isn’t much we can do at all, because the public transit system has a grip on the city.

Remember when they had a wildcat strike in 2006?  They brought the whole city to a halt.  Even if we have to pay for parking, we’ll continue to use the TTC.  We have no choice, we’re just too dependent on it.  The TTC knows it and will rob us for all we’re worth.  Even if you choose to not go “the better way,” you’ll just be handing your money over to various private parking lots, and to the gas giants, so we’re screwed either way.

What can WE do?  Choose who you think is the lesser of two evils and use that method.  It won’t make a difference in the long run anyway.  Huzzah.

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