A Surcharge on Your Morning Surge

I heard a few days ago that Toronto is considering adding an extra fee to your coffee to alleviate the load on our landfills.

I’m no environmentalist, but I say hurrah!  It’s about time Toronto got its ass in gear in this respect.  There are countries all over the world that make people pay directly for their waste.  In Korea, it’s standard practice to charge for plastic shopping bags, and chain stores even provide cloth bags that fold up and snap into a wallet-sized bundle for ease of reuse.

I’ve been seeing these policies come into practice slowly in Toronto over the years, and I’ve embraced them as much as I could.  I especially applaud the Loblaw company for not only selling their Green bags, but also encouraging their use by adding PC points for each bag that is used at one of their many stores.

When I was listening to this article (are they called “spots” when they’re on air?) on the radio, they interviewed a lady who insisted that no surcharge would stop her from buying a coffee in the morning, and that she does reuse her cups “once in awhile.”

Come on people!  The surcharge is already there!  The vast majority of coffee shops will only charge you for a refill if you bring in your own mug.  Don’t you know that not getting a discount is the same as a surcharge?  I completely understand people who use paper cups when they’re out and about, but I’m willing to bet that most of us drink most of our coffee as part of our weekday routines.  People who drink coffee at work, you’re sitting at your desk all day…just bring a mug and leave it there.  Those university students who can’t be without a cuppa, clip a travel mug to your backpack.

They’re not even expensive.  I have multiple travel mugs and I got them all for free.  You know what else?  Mugs make your coffee taste better.  The coffee stays hotter longer, and you don’t have to worry about getting a second cup or a cup sleeve (more waste!) to save your fingers.

Just do it.  It’s easy.  It’s cheap.  It’s the better way.

P.S. Yes, I’m aware of the slogans.

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