Viva Forever

As Earth-friendly York Region commuters will tell you, the Viva bus strike has been going on forever. Well, it has certainly gone on longer than Toronto would ever let TTC go.

It has been one week since the bus drivers went on strike, with something like 12 hours notice.  Of course there’s a reason Viva’s strike has been permitted to go on for so long.  The routes they serve are redundant.  Actually, I don’t know if it’s true for ALL of their routes, but I do know that at least one of their routes are redundant.  All they really do is alleviate the load that YRT buses have to carry.

In the process of getting my wildly useful business degree, I did learn a little bit about unions, but most of the thoughts I have on them are based on my observations and experiences.

I think some workers need to be unionized.  Walmart workers, for instance.  I once heard on the news that Walmart employees were often missing their breaks, because their supervisors would never release them.  It’s no question that I despise the way Walmart treats their employees.  But I think that some organizations are unionized for the sake of it.  Ontario teachers, for instance.

Sure, teachers serve an important purpose in our society, but I think they are ridiculously overpaid and receive insane benefits.  What other job can you have where you get 2 months vacation as a rule?  They’re impossible to fire, so old teachers (with trunks of money hidden in their attics) prevent fresh young teachers from getting placements.

As for bus drivers?  I don’t know what to think.  I definitely disapprove of their immature behaviour, walking away from the table in the middle of negotiations…what a bunch of children.

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