Toronto’s White Night

This weekend was Nuit Blanche, sponsored by Scotiabank.  I went out with my friend, with big hopes for an exciting night of fantastic art.  I’m sure there will be plenty of thoughts and opinions on the art on the net by now.  I have no thoughts on the art, because I’m a self-proclaimed art…idiot.  I don’t even know what we’re called.

What I do have some major gripes on was the TTC service on Saturday night.

TTC expanded its service for Nuit Blanche, most notably the all-night subway service for the stations adjacent to Nuit Blanche happenings.  I drove my car down town, and then purchased a day pass so that I could see as much as possible without killing my feet.

Zone A was all good.  I took the subway even for single subway stops, because I knew I’d be on my feet for 8 hours or so.  At around 3 or 4 in the morning, I headed for Zone B.  It was far away from the subway stations, so I went to St. Andrews station, and waited for a westbound street car on King Street.

We waited for about 30 minutes.  Three eastbound street cars passed, and not one westbound streetcar.  We were tired, cold, and bitter!  We walked to Queen Street and went around.  By then, I was miserable, catching a cold, sleepy…

Fortunately, we saw a brilliant exhibit, and I was ready to go to Zone C to see some more exhibits.  It was 6:15, and the event was set to close at 7am.  Oh no!  Gotta rush!

By some miracle, we caught a street car immediately, but we got stuck at the subway station, and had to wait quite awhile for the subway.  We saw Horroridors, which was lame, but horrifying.

At 6:45, I said “one last exhibit, let’s go!”  So we hopped on the subway…well, we tried.  7am came and went, and no train.  I realized that the event was officially over, and that on Sunday mornings, the subway only opened at 9am.  No more trains for 2 hours.

There were huge crowds of people on the platform, waiting for a train that wouldn’t come for hours.  A TTC staff saw this, and went to chat with some other TTC worker.  WHAT THE FUCK!  We asked to confirm my suspicions, and we left on the last train, going in the opposite direction, back to my car.

My friend suggested that the large crowds expected for Nuit Blanche could be an experiment to see if Toronto was ready to bid for the Olympics.  Clearly, our transportation system is far from ready.  I can’t believe this is their standard of service while they continue to raise the fares and even plan to eliminate free parking for Metropass holders.

Damn government funded monopolies.

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