Rhodia Clairefontaine

I ran into Rhodia paper at Laywines, my favourite Stationery store.  I always wondered what the tower of orange pads of paper were really selling, so I asked for some information.


Rhodia paper offers the smoothest writing experience ever.  I don’t know what it’s made of, or any of the specs, but after touching it once, you can’t even fathom using those cheap dollar-store recycled coil bound notebooks again.

This paper is especially good for people who use fountain pens.  I write with Noodler’s Ink, a notoriously heavy ink and I haven’t had a drop bleed through ever.  My favourite block is the A4 small, which has a full-size of A4, but after tearing it off the pad, the body is exactly 11 inches long, and has the width of A4 paper.  It’s not perfectly letter sized, but close enough.  They also come three-hole punched for letter sized binders.

Rhodia and Clairefontaine are the same company, I don’t know who owns who.  The main differences are that Rhodia has mostly pads of paper, the covers are all orange and black, whereas Clairefontaine sells mostly coilbound notebooks and stapled notebooks, and the covers are colourful with a variety of designs.

I’ve searched through many a Curry’s and other art supply stores in Toronto, and the best place to buy Clairefontaine notebooks (in terms of variety of size and colour) is actually the University of Toronto Bookstore.  The best place to buy Rhodia paper is Laywines…actually, that’s the ONLY place to buy Rhodia paper.

Happy shopping.

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