I finally convocated!

The ceremony was a total bore, but there was one interesting thing about it…my degree was awol.  I did the whole kneel, get hooded, get degree, take a pic.  I got back to my seat, and opened my degree folder to find…a blank piece of paper with my name written in Times New Roman font.  I muttered “What the fuck?!” and showed my peers.

Well obviously I was distraught.  I went to look for someone to help me after the ceremony, and found a person I had worked with in my orientation days.  She asked me if I had paid all of my fees in accusatory tone to which I took great offense, since I would never be that kind of delinquent, and she should have known that from working with me.

Fortunately, I found someone who could at least help me on the next business day, and I eventually got my degree in the mail.  It turns out that somehow they when I asked for my degree to be conferred in August (so that I could start at U of T in September), they were supposed to print a diploma, and since people are only allowed to have one original degree (all duplicates are marked “duplicate”), they didn’t give me one at convocation.  Well I never received one in August, so I was without degree.  I made sure that the lady who screwed up felt plenty bad about my missing the opportunity to take pictures in my hood and gown and degree.

Oh, Waterloo.  I can’t believe how you continue to fail administratively.


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