Brandon Crisp; Anger

The remains of a teen boy thought to be that of Brandon Crisp of Barrie have been found today.  He ran away on Thanksgiving because his parents took away his Xbox.

I know that it’s bad karma to bad mouth a dead guy, but I’m so mad.

When he disappeared, the public and police put on a massive search through the vast fields of Barrie looking for Brandon.  They worked hard for 3 weeks, looking through the data on Brandon’s Xbox and even looking across the border.

It makes me so mad that one person’s selfish indulgence has cost the city so much in resources.  Sure, every life is important, but the whole disaster was entirely preventable, and a totally senseless waste.  Waste of life, waste of heartache, waste of time and money.

I’m sure the parents are thinking “if only this and that,” and everyone is responding “you did the best you could.”  Enough with the platitudes.  If only is right!  I don’t know because I’m not a parent, but come on!  The father helped the boy pack his bag and sent him off on his way.

Nobody deserved any of this, but boy was it ever a senseless loss.

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One Response to “Brandon Crisp; Anger”
  1. Zoso says:

    I can’t believe what you just posted!!!!!!!

    How can you worry about the resources used when a life is at risk?

    If these resources were used quicker maybe the boy would still be alive today! If you remember the boy disappeared on Oct. 13 and the first I heard of his disapperance was Oct. 20. One full week after his disappearance. The large search for Brandon was not done until the following weekend. Can you remember what the temperatures dropped to after Thanksgiving weekend. By the Wed. night Thur. morning there were below 0. Why wasn’t something done sooner? Why did it take a week to even notify the public? By putting a little more resources into this investigation earlier may have saved his life? No matter what the situation, we have to use everything we can to save lifes!!!!!!

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