York U – Victims of strike after strike

It seems that York University students just can’t get a break from all the job actions in the GTA.

York U’s contract staff, teaching and research assistants went on strike starting midnight Nov 6, 2008.  I don’t know why, but all undergrad classes have been cancelled because of the strike.  Wilfrid Laurier University had a contract staff strike in spring 2008, and I was affected by it.  But all of the classes being taught by full-time staff continued.

Anyway, I just feel bad for them, because a lot of the commuter students were screwed by the Viva strike in October, and now this.  It just adds to all of the anger I feel towards unions.

I’m involuntarily unionized as a teaching assistant at U of T, and let me tell you, I am WAY overpaid.  I get paid $36/hour to stand in an exam room and make sure no one’s cheating.  I don’t even have to answer questions.  Even I feel bad being paid so much.

Damn all unions.

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