PS2 Weirdness

I finally allowed myself to buy a PS2 and Katamari.  Of course I bought everything used, to save money in these difficult economic times.

When I inserted my memory card and turned on the console, Katamari said that it couldn’t detect a memory card in slot 1, would I like to play anyway?

So I took the game out of the console and browsed the memory card, to find that the console could indeed detect the memory card, but Katamari couldn’t.

I thought that something must be defective, so I exchanged the memory card, only to find that the problem had not been resolved.  I was sad, but I really wanted to play, so I played anyway.  I browsed the “data” section of the game, and I decided to try the “save” option.  Katamari found the memory card!  Apparently, the game was looking for a Katamari-designated memory slot on the card.  I tried the opening sequence of the game again, and the warning had disappeared.  Kinda stupid, but at least it works.

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