Animal Crossing: City Folk – Boring

I like to rent games before I buy them, just to be sure that they’re worth it.

I am certainly glad that I rented Animal Crossing, because now I know that I will never buy it.  What a terrible game.

I read several reviews on it prior to renting it, and I thought it was promising, but I was wrong…although there’s a chance that I just didn’t play it right.  What?  What does it mean to play it wrong?

Well I started playing at 10pm at night, and that was a problem because all of the stores in the “city” were closed.  It’s kind of cool in that the game reflects real time.  Since I was playing on a winter night, the town was all snowy, and dark.

I did all of the regular things, like picking a house, paying it off by running letters to people and planting flowers, but I just couldn’t figure out the point of the game.

I played again on another day, and I was greeted with another huge debt.  So I guessed that that was the point of the game.  Pay off your debts.  Buy stuff and make your house and debt bigger.  Pay off your debts.  Rinse, repeat.

I think there’s quite a large part of the game that I missed, using the Nintendo Wi Fi service.  Apparently you can connect to your friends using Friend Codes, and they can visit your neighbourhood.

I just don’t see the appeal in this game.


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