Mom, the Heart of the Home

My mother left for Korea last week, leaving my father, my sister and me in Canada.

It has been a wildly eye-opening experience.  This is the second time she has left us alone, and the first time that I’ve risen to take care of the things she always did.  I’ve found that she is truly the centre of our family, and I “want my Mommy back.”

I feel terrible, because the main reason I miss her is because I’m tired of picking up her slack.  I’ve realized that she does a lot (a lot!) of the invisible things around the house that become painfully visible when she’s not here.

The three of us left in Canada have been working hard at eating all the food she prepared for us before it goes bad, and I find myself constantly planning meals.  I made a meal with 2 side dishes and a soup the other day, and timing everything to be warm at the same time was…well, it didn’t really happen.

How about the kitchen garbage?  Somebody has to empty that thing every time it gets full, and I guess that someone was my mom!

Perhaps it’s not as bad for her as I think, because when she’s here, I’m her helper.  I can wipe and set the table while she’s at the stove.  My handy helper is my dad who sort of hangs around doing nothing.  Oh, my favourite is when he makes the rice (good for him for learning) and then does nothing while waiting at home for me to arrive…couldn’t he have prepped a side dish or a soup?…or at least wipe the table?

My sister is a whole other treat.  She still expects me to wake her up in the mornings.  Somehow I took on the responsibility of getting breakfast ready, so I’ve been getting a little less sleep than usual.  It’s not too bad, but…she doesn’t even wake up in time to eat the food I’ve already set on the table.

I told her to vacuum, and one week later, I did it myself.

My dad complained about being out of clothes so I did the laundry.  Couldn’t do it himself, I see.

Oh, and all the while, I was filling in for her at work.

Yup, I’m an angel.


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