Singles Awareness Day

In the spirit of Singles Awareness Day (SAD), I would like to take a moment to talk about how my day would have gone if I were single today.

I would probably have gone to Waterloo to play the third session of D&D with my friends from MathSoc.  We would probably play until we couldn’t concentrate anymore, and then we’d break and play some various video games.  I would carpool back to Mississauga with my non-Waterloo-dwelling friends, and I would have had a rocking SAD.

Alas I am not, so this is not how I got to spend my day.

I canceled on my friends because my boyfriend requested that we spend at least a part of Valentine’s Day together, but my boyfriend canceled on me because his assignment due date got extended to the end of the weekend.

I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon running a bunch of errands that I had let pile up over a month, and I even stopped by Laura Secord to purchase some chocolates for my boyfriend’s family.  I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten all of my errands done, and I can spend Valentine’s Evening cleaning my house.  Oh, and I got to treat my family to all you can eat sushi.

Hm.  I guess it’s more productive to be dating, even if you’re doing single-type stuff.

One Response to “Singles Awareness Day”
  1. Matt K says:

    Awww. That kinda sucks…
    But I’d much rather celebrate Valentine’s day than SAD… which I unfortunately have again. sigh.

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