Roll Up the Rim – An Obsolete Contest

I used to love Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim to Win contest.  In fact, I started drinking Tim’s coffee one year during the contest and became a regular Tim’s drinker.  I know a lot of coffee chains use a similar device to lure customers into drinking more than their normal dose.

However, in this day and age when we are considering charging customers for plastic bags and giving discounts for “lugging a mug” it seems highly inappropriate to base a contest on using disposable paper cups.

Some people ask, “why would anyone bring their own mug if they lose out on a winning chance?”  Tim Horton’s has a plan for people who continue to bring their own mugs – they get an empty medium cup.  So for people who try to lessen their carbon footprint, they get a useless piece of waste.

In fact, the contest is in direct conflict with their lug-a-mug program and mars any front of eco-responsibility that Tim Horton’s chooses to don.

Tim Horton’s should get with the times and devise an alternative competition that doesn’t massively increase the disposable paper cup waste production.

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