Office Space – Coworkers on the Phone

Most people who choose to work for someone else (not for themselves) will end up having to share office space with coworkers some time in their lives.  Many offices boast an “open concept” space, which is just a fancy term for a big empty space with cubicle walls.  Even grad students who choose to delay the real world have to share their office.

Another fact is that everyone will spend at least some of their paid time doing non-company-related things, be it browsing, “facebooking” or chatting with friends.  I believe this is officially not allowed at most companies, but isn’t usually enforced, because  brief break here and there can actually increase productivity.  The actual problem is when you consider these diversions in conjunction with the “open concept” office space.  Just as there are conscientious and lazy students, there are employees that spend more or less time doing non-productive activities.

I have the priceless joy of having an officemate that spends HOURS on the phone…with friends and family, planning trips here and there.

My officemate has been on the phone for 1.5 hours.  I am ready to scream.  I can’t listen to music to block it out, because I don’t work well with music.

I have one very courteous officemate that leaves the office to take personal calls.

I get nearly no phone calls.  I keep my discourse online.

The funny thing is, the rude officemate gets all offended when I do get calls.  I once missed a bunch of calls, leaving my phone vibrating on my desk, and the officemate complained about how loud my vibrate mode was.  I can assure you that it’s a whole lot quieter than vacation planning.

The officemate also like to save errand-phone-calls (like calling the bank, internet provider, etc.) for the office landline, because (s)he doesn’t have a landline at home.  This also has the lovely consequence of tying up the office line.

I think it’s time to pray for understanding the offending party again.

One Response to “Office Space – Coworkers on the Phone”
  1. Matt K says:

    Ugh that sucks.

    I have a roommate that is sort of the same… Except he takes calls past midnight and practically screams when he talks… It’s horribly annoying.

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