Sprouting Wings

Today I got in a very minor argument with my mother.  Then I had a very unreasonable reaction.  I had the sudden urge to move out.

Initially, I thought it was a very large reaction for a very small incident, but I realized that there was a reason this was a consideration for me: I’m ready.  The best excuse I have for staying at home right now is that I can, and it’s the cheapest, most convenient option.

However, I am now earning a steady income (though small, since I’m a grad student, not a corporate employee), and if it were really important to me, I could place myself in a slummy apartment in Toronto and live my life the way I want to.  I think I would have to do a serious budget analysis before actually made the move, considering tuition, rent, transportation and other such expenses.

It is quite astonishing just how strong the inertia is.  As soon as I wrote “budget” all my desire to move out vanished.  Staying put until I have surplus revenue.


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