Lamy Safari

This was my first fountain pen ever.  It was undoubtedly the best first step I could take into the fountain pen world.

It was a measly $40CAD from my favourite stationery store Laywines and came with one cartridge and one converter.  It’s not much to look at, and it has a pretty hard nib, but that’s good for beginner-FP users who are used to having to push hard to write.

Lamy is all about design, everything about it is well-thought-through, and I love companies who deliver products with design in mind.  Now, I’m not talking about how attractive the pen is.  It’s definitely no Monteverde, but it’s very smart.

  • img_0079Flattened barrel – The profile of the pen is not perfectly round.  Minimizes rolling on your desk.
  • img_0080Cross marking on cap – If you have multiple Lamy Safaris, and you carry them in your breast pocket, you can tell your FPs from your BPs and pencils from the top, because they each have a different marking on the cap.
  • Cartridge length – Cartridges are designed such that you only need to twist the barrel on to secure the cartridge.  No shoving and wondering if you’ve shoved it in far enough. (that’s what she said, hee hee)
  • img_0084Converter teeth – Converters have little teeth that are meant to slide into designated slots to ensure that your converter is in the right position.
  • img_0085Grip grooves – Forces writers to hold their pen properly and minimizes writing fatigue.
  • Easily exchangeable nib – You can buy a few different nib sizes, and switch them up based on your heart’s desire.

Okay, so the pen’s specs are amazing.  How does it write?  By the obvious physics of a fountain pen, it’s not as smooth as ball point pen, but the ink always flows reliably.  I can easily say that this is my favourite pen by far.  I don’t like heavy pens because I write ugly with them.  The Safari is very light, fits perfectly in my hand, and facilitates my best handwriting.

The pen has never once skipped (except when I run out of ink, duh), and it’s incredibly durable.  It comes in a wide variety of colours, even lime green.  If you’ve ever been curious about getting into fountain pens, the Safari is definitely a low-risk way of getting into it.

Also, you can buy a bottle of ink for $10 and use it for a year or more, so it might even be cheaper than using crappy Papermate stick pens in the long run.  *shudder* I just thought of using a crappy Papermate stick pen.

Okay, go get yourself a Lamy Safari.

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