Dating Outside the Race

My friend was telling me about a recent episode on the Tyra Banks Show “Myths of Racial Perception” where she had several people of all different races, and asked them about dating outside the race.

There was a pair of white women who had been friends for a long time, but when one of them began dating a hispanic man, the single friend confronted her friend, asking her how she could date outside of the race.  When Tyra asked the aggressor what was going through her mind, she said that according to the bible, we were not supposed to date outside the race.

Of course this made everyone react very strongly, and destroyed the namesake of Christians all over the world.

Alright, let me clear this up.  It IS true.  The bible DOES say not to date outside the nation.  HOWEVER, there is a reasonable context behind this.

The Jews were in captivity under Babylon for 49 years.  When the Babylonian kingdom was overthrown, Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to their homeland.  After the return, the Jews got to rebuilding their nation both physically and culturally.  Since the Jews were trying to rebuild their culture, the priests instructed the nation to refrain from marrying people who weren’t Jewish, and people who didn’t share the same faith.

One of the things that happened in the 50 years of captivity is that the Jews adopted some of the Babylonians’ religions, and began to worship Babylonian idols.

The ban on marrying outside the race was to ensure the wholistic rebuilding of the Jewish culture, and the restoration of the faith of a broken and scattered people.

This is no longer relevant in its literal form for us today.  Some people have a harder time interpreting the Bible as it applies to us today.

For practical reasons, I understand the benefits of marrying someone within your nationality, or ethnic background, but it is by no means grounded in biblical text.

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