Damn it! CAW local 2003 is on strike, and it’s annoying as hell.
They’re the operating engineers of U of T, and they’re blocking all the driveways to parking lots at school. I’ve never seen a picket before, so I don’t know what they’re for. What are they trying to achieve by creating traffic problems through all the major U of T arteries? I’m guessing they know that it’s no way to get any support whatsoever from the people they’re holding up. Are they hoping that the bystander victims will pressure the administration into make concessions?

Well, I don’t support them, and I don’t want admin to make concessions. They’re greedy, selfish people who don’t even do their job right…they can’t even strike properly!

I was angry so I asked them what their strike website was so that I could find out more about it. They pointed me to the union rep and he couldn’t even tell me. The best he could offer was “google caw 2003.” Well I found it, and they have next to no information about who they really are, what work they really do, and not even what they’re really asking for.

Anyway, so I looked around on the U of T website, and it turns out that they’re the heating and air conditioning people. Who knew there was a separate union just for these people. They’re the people who make my office too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. I wore hoodies to school for the whole winter so that I could take it off once I got to my office. Now I carry hoodies to school so that I can put it on once I get into my office. I 100% believe that these people deserve an unspecified large raise in the middle of the worst recession in recent Canadian history.CAW 2003 Picket


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