For the commuter students who are affected by the operating engineers’ strike

The operating engineers at U of T have been on strike for a week now.  They’re the ones taking care of the heating and air conditioning in the buildings, but my office is always the wrong temperature, so I can’t really feel the effects of their work not being done.

I would normally completely ignore such an insignificant strike, but this one is affecting me directly.  I’ve been held up for 30 minutes at the driveway of my parking lot for a week now, with my car idling for the whole time.  Yesterday, when I was walking through King’s College Circle, I saw a car with the same student parking pass as I have, with a note on the dashboard.  The note said that the driver had obtained permission from parking services to park on King’s College Circle (usually reserved for faculty, staff, and people paying $14/day) to avoid the picket line.

This morning, I tried the same thing.  When I got to the entrance to King’s College Circle (Harbord entrance), I found that the union had posted yet another picket there!  However, the line up of cars was much shorter, and the picketers were only holding us up for 60 seconds, not the legislated maximum of 90.  I know that by posting this information I run the risk of too many students asking for the same thing, and then all of us being barred from it.

However, I recognize that students who are driving to school in the summer term are usually driving an hour to get to school, and to spend another 30 minutes waiting outside the parking lot is too much to ask for.

The number to call is 416-978-PARK.  Have your permit number ready.  Good luck.

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2 Responses to “For the commuter students who are affected by the operating engineers’ strike”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you should respect their picket line

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