How to make me swoon

First, some background: My boyfriend is a recent computer engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo.  He has taken to building the computers that he uses through purchasing parts from online retailers.

I have an HP Pavilion laptop with a 3-year warranty.  In the span of 2 years, I’ve had to send it in for service 3 times.  They’ve always been very friendly, helpful, and the repair has been very fast (usually less than two weeks to get my computer back from the date of first service call).  However, due to the frequency of failures, I’ve decided that once my warranty is over, the next time my computer fails, I won’t bother paying for a repair, I’ll just buy another computer.

I have 9 months left on the warranty, and I’m just counting the days until my computer fails again.  Last night, I was at Future Shop with my boyfriend, and I cheekily said that I should get ready for to buy another computer, looking into what features are available and backing up my data again.  He held both of my hands, looked into my eyes and said “you’ll never need to buy another computer again.”

Wow, we are such dorks.  But it was one of the most romantic things he has ever said to me!  A match made in Silicon Valley if I do say so myself.


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