Ultra-racist Canadians rear their ugly heads in light of Tamil protests

Anyone who has read anything about Torontonian news in the last 2 months will know about the Tamil protests taking place in the streets.  Tamil-Torontonians have gathered forces in numbers, asking Canada and USA to take action against the supposed genocide happening in Sri Lanka.  I haven’t been following the actual information on what the protest is about (hence the “supposed” qualifier), but I have been keeping an eye on how their protests have affected my city.

The first time I saw them, they were standing on the sidewalks, banging drums, speaking into megaphones, holding posters, blah blah.

Next, I heard that there was an unidentified group of protesters blocking the Yonge and Sheppard intersection, and soon found out that they were the Tamil protesters.

Since then, they have increasingly stepped up their efforts, going so far as to block a major highway on a Saturday night in both directions with no notice.  To be fair, they have had protests for which they actually acquired permits, and I’m impressed to see just how tenacious they are.

But today, I want to talk about the comments which have risen on online newspapers and forums.

I don’t know anything for a fact, but in my humble opinion, I think that Toronto is one of the most multicultural places in the world, and hence very accepting of other races.  Being an Asian-Canadian raised in Canada, I deeply value multiculturalism in Toronto, and have tried my best not to learn the racist tendencies of my parents.  Here is a small sampling of some of the worse comments I’ve read.

  • these people over and ruining our country! Building projects to store them in so they can enjoy “affordable housing” handing out welfare money that we don’t have. Standing back and watching our crime rates soar.
  • we’re giving them enough welfare that they neednt go out and work!
  • I am so sick and tired of people moving to Canada and demanding this and demanding that who do pepole think you are.Canada never had this problem until we opened up our doors to the rest of the world and this is the thanks we get, we did you a favour by leting you into the country
  • i think canada should do everything they can to get these backward people out of our borders and back to the caves they belong.

How heartbreaking it is to read such comments written by other Torontonians.  I guess I don’t really have any way of knowing who these comments were written by, but I expect that people who are angry enough to write these kinds of comments are ones who were directly affected by the protest activities that took place.

Fortunately, there are still good comments that chastize these racist comments.  I don’t doubt that Toronto is largely a multiculture-friendly city, but it definitely shocks me to see that these is so much ignorance and prejudice in such high degrees, just in my backyard.  This is evidence that my future success in Toronto may not be well-received by all the members of my organization.  Damn glass ceiling.


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