Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I watched it.  It was okay.  It definitely wasn’t stellar.

In any book adaptation, we expect a lot of things to be missing, especially in a series like Harry Potter where the books are massive.  It’s definitely not an easy task, because the director has to please the readers by giving them enough of the original book, but they also have to please the people who are just watching the one movie as an isolated unit.  The HBP is an odd book in that its role is almost entirely to set up the next book, and as such, there isn’t much of a plot on its own.  It’s really full of information and history, and to my recollection, not much else.  This makes for a pretty boring movie, so it seems that David Yates decided to spice it up by cutting some of the information sharing, and adding some humor here and there.

The movie turned Lavender Brown into a lovestruck bimbo and Ginny Weasley into a seductive tramp.  I am not comfortable with watching teenagers making out on the big screen, especially since we got to know them as little kids 7 years ago.

When Harry takes the felix felicis, he acts as though he’s drunk, or drugged, or something.  It’s funny to watch, but detracts from the darkness of the movie, and adds no value.

The sad thing is, the last part of this book is really epic.  Everyone that I’ve talked to who has read it was really excited about the cave scene.  I know that when I read it, it played like a movie in my head.  The actual movie tried to make it feel big and moving, but somehow, it felt rushed and small.  The interaction between Dumbledore and Harry at the bowl were entirely glossed over, and I was cringing only because the acting was entirely devoid of emotion, not because I was feeling Dumbledore’s pain.

Lastly, I realized that in Yates’ enthusiasm to cut the boring details, he managed to cut a little too much.

If you are not a HP reader and only a movie watcher, the next movie will introduce many random new things that were supposed to be explained in the HBP.  Otherwise, it will be super boring because the movie will have to explain everything this movie didn’t.

I have plenty more to say, but I’m no movie critic.  I’ll spare you from the rest of my uneducated opinion.


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