No reusable mugs at McDonalds?!?!

I went to McDonald’s today with my trusty travel mug and asked for a coffee.

The young man working there said that they couldn’t fill my mug for me, because he didn’t know what size it was.  He offered to fill a paper cup and to allow me to pour it into my travel mug.

WHAAAAAT?  That’s strictly worse than only using a paper cup, and I’m trying to reduce my paper cup usage as much as I can.

I had to ask for the manager to determine my mug’s size, and charge me appropriately.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I got a discount for saving them a paper cup.

McDonald’s coffee has gotten some good press lately, especially with their free small coffee promotion (which actually made a noticeable dent in Tim Horton’s sales).  But no green movement?!?!  How hard is it to have a simple little coffee policy?  I mean REALLY, how much of a cost difference does a small and large coffee have to the company itself?  They could make it such that everyone who brings a coffee mug can get a fill up for a fixed amount, that would keep it simple.  Of course there are douches who would bring Bubba-sized travel mugs, so make limitations.  Even if they let the front-line staff use their discretion on the size of the mug, it would still be better than this.

Come on MickyD’s, get with the times!


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