Use T9

What is with the people who don’t know how to use T9?  It seems like the vast majority of people who use a non-qwerty phone to text use ‘abc’ mode over ‘T9’ mode.

I had been thinking of getting a qwerty phone to increase my texting efficiency, and I asked around to people with qwerty phones.  Did they notice a significant increase in their texting speed when they switched to qwerty?  The answer was an overwhelming yes.  However, when I got to shopping around for qwerty phones and playing with them in stores, I felt a uneasy, and felt like I could actually text faster on T9.  Of course there was a learning curve to consider, but I knew that I could text without looking at the number pad because the pad was small enough that I wouldn’t lose my place on it, whereas on the qwerty phone, the keyboard was too large and the buttons too small to text without looking.

After my realization, I started to ask an additional question, “did you use T9 before you switched?”  The answer I got was most often “T what?” or “Oh, I have that, but I have no idea how to use it.”  The one person who I knew used T9 said that she texts equally fast on T9 and qwerty.

People!  Use T9!

I can’t believe how ignorant such a large body of people can be.  Just think of all the people who switched to qwerty and touchscreen phones to text faster, how much money they could have saved if only they had used their puny little brains a little bit.  Think of how all the phone manufacturers have duped us with planned obsolescence.

The thing is, T9 isn’t even that hard to use!  You let the phone decide the word based on the numbers you’ve typed, and you type each button once to make its 3 letters an option, very much like the Blackberry Pearl.  If you type the characters and it’s the wrong word, type the ‘next’ button and it will give you the next word guess.  It even learns new words so that you don’t have to enter weird words letter by letter over and over again.

Of course it’s not as accurate as the Pearl, since there are 3 or 4 choices for each button, not two like the Pearl, but it’s plenty good enough for most people.

We’re all always tight for money.  Stop wasting it on ignorance and use T9.


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