I hate cyclists

They should make a video game of people driving alongside cyclists, where the goal of the game is to knock as many cyclists off the road as possible.  That would make me feel so good.

I don’t understand why cyclists in Toronto think that the road rules don’t apply to them.  The weirdest thing is, it’s not even a case of the few ruining it for everyone, it’s everyone.

As a driver and pedestrian in Toronto, I’ve never once seen a cyclist stop for a stop sign.  EVER.

Cyclists abide by about 50% of traffic lights…the green ones.  They abide by most traffic lights at major intersections, but if there’s a traffic light where one street is much larger than the small street, they ignore them.

Once, I was crossing a major intersection as a pedestrian, and a bicycle was running a red light.  My friend who was standing to the left of me (thus first to be run over) almost got hit by the cyclist.  I backed him up, and as the cyclist passed us, he yelled “watch out!” like we were doing something wrong.  WHAT THE FUCK?

Yesterday, I was trying to turn left on an amber light, and because an oncoming cyclist decided to run the amber, I was the only car that made the left turn on the amber.  All the cars had either cleared the intersection or had slowed down, but the cyclist decided the traffic light was not for him, so he could ignore it.  The thing is, when a cyclist runs an amber, they’re SLOW.  They take forever to clear the intersection, so it totally hampers the left-turning traffic.

Another thing I hate is when cyclists ride too close to traffic.  When you’re on a two-lane road and there are cars parked along the right lane, I understand that cyclists will have to squeeze to the left.  Usually, this means that I’m reduced to the cyclist’s speed if there’s oncoming traffic.  That’s okay.  I wait until there’s a break in the row of parked cars.  I would LOVE it if cyclists squeezed back to the right so that I could pass them.  But they don’t.

I’m sure that traffic laws apply to cyclists too, and there are times that they demand that we treat them as motor vehicles.  They insist that we give them a full lane when passing them, and proper right of way rules.  But why do they ignore the traffic rules when the rules are inconvenient to them?

I don’t actually hate cyclists.  I think they’re very admirable and good for the environment.  But why do they think they can pick and choose the rules they follow?

Make me a cyclist-knocking video game and it’ll help me relieve my road rage.  Of course the media will blame every bicycle collision on violent games like this one.  Well if I don’t have a video game to play, I may just knock over a real cyclist.

One Response to “I hate cyclists”
  1. Matt K says:

    Ouch… Rolling through intersections is pretty bad, but going through stop signs (if there are no cars or pedestrians) makes a huge difference. Stopping completely then starting up again wastes so much energy and is highly inefficient.
    I’m not sure if Ontario law allows it, but a few states in the US have a law that allow bikes to treat stop signs as yield signs, which permit rolling stops in the case of no other cars or pedestrians.

    And I hate to break it to you, but cyclists follow the example of most drivers in Toronto who break a lot of rules themselves.

    But yes, I agree, mostly all cyclists (myself included sometimes) do really really retarded things in the name of keeping whatever momentum we can.

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