PRK – One week later

It has been one week and one day since I had my laser eye surgery, and I still can’t see.

The first few days were awful as expected.  There was a little pain, but nothing I couldn’t bear.  I slept a lot because my eyes kept closing.  But each morning, as I opened my eyes, my vision got a little better, so I had hope.

But for the past 3 days, every morning has been the same.  I can see well enough that I can function, but not so well that this is a sustainable level of vision.  I can see about 15 to 20 centimetres clearly from the tip of my nose.  That’s not too bad considering I could only see about 5 cms before the surgery.

I’m starting to get annoyed and stressed out by my situation.  I can’t drive, and the work that isn’t getting done is piling up.  Although I’m not working, it’s definitely no holiday.  I feel uncomfortable when I think of all the things that I need to do.

I had no idea my vision was going to be this bad for this long.  So I did some googling, to find out that some people haven’t reached 20/20 after one year.  I’ll be happy if I reach 20/25 in the next few days, but somehow I doubt it.


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