Oscat concert a success

So the first term of my time as Executive Secretary of Onoscatopoeia is over.  I’ve worked pretty hard, and I definitely let my school work slide, but I think it was worth it.  It’s been a pretty crazy and awesome experience.

For the first time ever, we performed in the Great Hall of Hart House!  There were some people who were doubting our ability to fill the hall, but we increased our seating by 50% and we still had some people standing in the back.

We had a cash bar and refreshments for the first time too, and I think people considered it a nice touch.

Next year, we’ll be going to the states for an international collegiate a cappella competition.

All in all, the songs were great, and I think the group is having a good and fun experience.

The annoying thing is people who keep saying that things aren’t as good as it was before, and continually saying that things won’t get done.  I’ve very much had enough of the put downs.

One Response to “Oscat concert a success”
  1. n26panache says:

    I was glad to see that the choir FINALLY did a show in the Great Hall. I’d been asking for this for two years. Congratulations on a hugely successful concert and have fun preparing for the ICCAs.

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