I’m moving to rapist alley

Our lab is being relocated to the Bahen Centre in May.  In the mean time, they need to renovate our current offices for the next users, so we’re being moved to 256 McCaul, otherwise known as rapist alley.

Well, that’s not true, it’s just what I call it.

256 McCaul is a building located just behind a Salvation Army homeless shelter, and is the office of some administrative staff of the school.  Last year, a woman was raped in the alleyway between the shelter and 256 McCaul…hence rapist alley.  I walk past the shelter on days when I’m going out for lunch with my officemates.  There’s usually a group of people standing outside the shelter.  They’re usually saying something, but I can never tell if they’re heckling me, or if they’re just talking to one another.  I walk past them quickly, with my eyes focussed foward, or engrossed in a conversation with my friends.

I guess I haven’t really walked past the building alone, or at night.  Somehow, the thought of doing so frightens me a little bit.

As the only research group in the building, we will be the only group of people who may leave occasionally late at night, and I wonder if I’ll be safe in the building.  Perhaps I’m just being paranoid.

Of course the prospect of moving more to the outskirts of campus, sharing a room with 9 other people (vs. the current 2), and losing a phone line are pretty upsetting.  Beyond that, I have brought in a mini fridge and a coffee maker for my officemates, and now I’ll have to be a bitch, or share with everyone else, which I shouldn’t really have to.

My work environment now will be so much louder, I’ll have much less privacy, and things will just be crappier in general.

Hm.  The fact that the location is rapist alley actually is the least of my worries.

2 Responses to “I’m moving to rapist alley”
  1. jennynotjen says:

    like diagon alley, but less magical and more opportunities for sexual harassment. they both have freaky peeps though.

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