New Year’s Eve, I’d rather be at church

Yesterday, one of my friend asked me what my plans were for the end of 2009.  I explained that I spend New Year’s Eve at church every year.

She sounded surprised, which made me think of how I’d missed out on something so prevalent and benign.

When I was younger, I was dragged to Watch Night Service which was all in Korean, and super boring.  Eventually, I stopped going, but I replaced it with sleep, not parties.  When I was 18, I finally did the New Year’s bash thing once, and I watched the countdown on CityTV with  my friends in a basement…hmm, all in English, and still super boring.

I’d rather spend New Year’s Eve at church…actually, to be fair, I’d like to know what the partiers are thinking.  Are they just looking for an excuse to drink and be merry with a huge group of strangers?  Do they seek out the nasty traffic conditions, infinite line-ups and sky-high covers fees for some sort of inexplicable rush?  Maybe people all like to party, and they’re just looking for a nice big one.

Okay, so it’s a renewal point for many people, a time for reflection, thankfulness, and optimism for the new year.  Great, do it.  Maybe it’s a party to celebrate the thanks and optimism.

I get to hear a great sermon that sets my new year off on a good theme, and a wonderful time of prayer with the members of my ministry.  The whole church gets to see each other at the same time in one room, share in food, have our own little countdown (though usually after-the-fact).  All of this in casual clothes, indoors, away from traffic (we drive to Newmarket) in a prayer centre.

What do you get when you party?  Negative hundreds of dollars, maybe a cold, painful feet, a hangover…Wouldn’t you rather start the year in prayer?


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