Peer Pressure at 25

It’s pretty hard to reflect upon yourself, but I think I can say that I’ve not been victim to the typical peer pressures as a teenager.

I didn’t fall into sex, drugs, rock & roll, etc. partially because no one ever asked me, and because I knew what I wanted for myself.  So, I was very surprised at myself last weekend when I was invited to go out for a joint and I actually contemplated saying yes.

Well, my friend was definitely NOT pressuring me to smoke with her.  I simply asked where she was headed, and she simply invited me, “I’m going to smoke my joint, wanna come?”  Perhaps it wasn’t so much peer pressure as an opportunity that I was now open to.

In the past 5 or so years, I’ve redirected my judgmental attitude toward stupid people, and have become much more open about things, including marijuana.  I knew that it wouldn’t change me as a person, and that I wouldn’t be addicted forever, and that I wouldn’t be any more close to death because of it.  It seemed like a safe environment where I could try something new once and have it checked off on the list of things that I had tried in my life.

The irony of me being “peer pressured” at the ripe old age of 25 hit me later.

Anyway, I said no because I was chicken, and the whole experience didn’t change the way I thought of my friend, or my friend me.  Should I have done it?

One Response to “Peer Pressure at 25”
  1. jennynotjen says:

    it doesn’t matter now whether you should have or not, now that the moment has passed, but if and when you do get an opportunity like that again, i wouldn’t deny the moment. it’s worth trying, i think, especially in a safe environment with people you know.

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