SportChek’s Terrible Return Policy

I bought some Burton Citizen bindings at SportChek the other day.  They were on sale, and my old bindings were disgusting, so I snatched them up pretty quickly.  They come in 3 sizes, I think: small, medium, and large.  I have a size 6 boot, and the salesboy sold me a small.  Smalls are marked for boots sizes 4 to 6, so I was a little nervous that they’d be too small, but I figured salesboy knows best.

Well, the bindings turned out to be too small.  They were pinching in the heel, and I was really struggling to get my straps on.  I changed the location of the straps which helped, but I knew that the pinching in the heel meant that I needed to up-size.

About a week after I had bought the bindings, I found some time to get them exchanged.  I was totally given the run around, walking to the service desk to drop off my board, walking to the cash desk to perform the exchange, walking the receipt and empty box back to the service desk to prove that I had “purchased” the medium bindings.  All that was annoying but okay.  The most shocking thing occurred when I was completing the exchange.

The girl at the cash desk says “the sale is over, so you should pay the difference, but I’ll make an exception for you.”


Sure, it’s partially my fault that I didn’t have my boots with me when I bought the bindings, but really?  When do you EVER have to pay the difference in a price INCREASE when making an exchange?  I mean yeah, I didn’t actually end up having to pay, but I just couldn’t believe how the policy would penalize the buyer for a fair exchange in SIZE.

Lesson learned?  I guess treat everything like a final sale at SportChek.

2 Responses to “SportChek’s Terrible Return Policy”
  1. Anonymous says:

    no one cares you idiot

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