Efficiency vs. Activity

I bought a pedometer recently, and have decided to aim for a 10,000 steps per day regime.

Considering that I drive to school, sit at a computer all day, drive home and lie in bed until I fall asleep everyday, I’ve had to work very  hard at adding steps to my everyday life.

To make matters worse, my overactive efficiency-whore-brain has worked out the most direct path from my parking lot to my office, and I’ve even worked out the parking spot closest to the stairs of the garage.

It’s a constant struggle with myself to force myself to be inefficient!  To park farther, to walk in big loops instead of through buildings and shortcuts.  I feel like an idiot!

It’s winter, so going for walks in the middle of the day seem completely unreasonable.

The pedometer that I got is really crappy and counted 15 steps for every 10 that I actually took, so I returned it immediately.  It registered 8900 steps on the one day that I used it, which means I only took 6000 steps…is that even possible?  How sedentary am I?  I’ve got a long way to go, and a better pedometer is coming in the mail in about 20 days, so maybe I’ll ramp up in preparation, and I’ll actually have 9k steps by the time it arrives.

Oh, by the way, I bought it and returned it at SportChek.  It wasn’t half as much of a hassle as the bindings were.


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