The WIND doesn’t blow here

So it’s been about a month and a half since WIND Mobile launched in Canada.  I had been waiting eagerly for their arrival, since I’m a pretty disgruntled Telus consumer.

I actually have a great plan, one you can’t get nowadays, but it’s still not enough for me.  For $17.50/month, I get 200 day time minutes, unlim evenings & weekends starting at 6pm.  I found myself constantly running over the 200 day time minutes, so I asked them for a bigger plan.  The best choice for me was to add another 100 minutes for $10/month.

Now I have 300 minutes…but I’m STILL running over every month!

So I contacted Telus again, asking for an even larger plan.  I figured, for 400 minutes a month, there must be a good value plan out there.  There isn’t!  I asked them, how can it be, that there’s no good plan for someone who wants to use as many as 400 minutes?

Their lame answer pretty much came down to”your plan is old and our new plans aren’t as good.”  Bad answer!

I still have 1.25 years left on my contract, but as soon as WIND comes up to my neighbourhood, I’m jumping ship.  The penalty for leaving a contract early is $20/month left in the contract.  If I can save >19.99 per month by switching to WIND, then it’s a winning situation.  If only they would build north.

I’m a tiny bit out of their zone, and it’s quite irritating.  It’s like they’re mocking me: haha, you can’t have us.

One Response to “The WIND doesn’t blow here”
  1. Richard says:

    My brother-in-law works for WIND and he explained to me (this might be common knowledge though) that their service is spotty because they’re building a completely new cellular infrastructure. They’re literally pouring in millions of dollars to build their own cell towers, so eventually they’ll get to the north side of Richmond Hill. But really, who lives in those boonies (says the one at Bayview and 16th)? 😛

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