Chronic Tardies

I really hate lateness.  Really, really.

When someone is chronically late, I take it to mean one thing: My time is worth more than yours.  I need to watch one more YouTube video, sleep another 5 minutes, have one quickie, but you can wait for me.

I fully understand that there can be extenuating circumstances. Sometimes, they’re one-offs.  There was a car accident.  My kid was sick.  Sometimes, they’re recurring.  I have a class up until 5 minutes before a regular meeting in a completely different location.

But for everyone else who is just chronically late, it’s completely unacceptable, and subject to my deep disgust.

One Response to “Chronic Tardies”
  1. Elana says:

    In Defence Of The Chronically Tardy:

    It’s certainly not a strength, but more of a pathology. Speaking for myself, I am just shitty at judging how long it will take to do a task, or to travel from A to B. It’s like being bad at math. I can’t help it.

    I try to compensate by trying to be significantly early to things, which sometimes averages out to being more or less on time. But I have sympathy for the chronically tardy.

    Being unsympathetic and judgmental and generalizing the worst assumptions of people is, to me, “completely unacceptable, and subject to my deep disgust” – however I try to be sympathetic to that trait as well.

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