To data plan or not to data plan

When I joined WIND a month ago, I bought a BlackBerry.  Not because I wanted a smartphone, but because it was the only phone that they carried that I could bear using.  I knew that eventually, I would be using a data plan, so I thought getting the phone would be a reasonable first step.

I didn’t start off with a data plan because I didn’t need one; I hadn’t had one before, so why start now?  Of course I caved and decided to give myself a one month trial.

The month is over, and now I have to decide if I want to pay $35/month for unlimited data on my BlackBerry.

During this month, I’ve enjoyed the various perks, but I know in my heart that this is more a luxury than a necessity.  When I was running Onoscatopoeia, maybe I could justify having a data plan.  I was receiving emails all day, and I could spend an entire day just answering emails for Oscat.  But now the choir’s on hiatus, and my emails are dwindling.

I’ve found myself using the data plan mostly for Twitter, a little Google Talk, and the occasional research on Wikipedia.  Of course I use Google Maps and Urbanspoon, but those were pretty few and far between.  What it has come down to is that my current usage isn’t even close to being worth $35/month.  But now that it’s time for me to cancel, I find it so hard to do!

One reason I really need to get rid of it is because I am using it as an excuse not to interact with the people around me.  Whenever I don’t want to talk to people, or have an awkward silence, I can just whip out the phone and do something.  Anything.  I guess I could pretend to do that any time, but it’s so much more convincing when it’s real.

But right now, as I’m sitting in the library with wifi, but all ports blocked, I’m so glad that I still have access to email, and I’m getting real work done on it.

Damn it.  Am I doomed to being a BlackBerry drone?

4 Responses to “To data plan or not to data plan”
  1. Elana says:

    Aww, don’t think of it that way – you’re not a drone. You’re part of The Future!

    Having ubiquitous Internet, even if you don’t get steady usage out of it, is kind of more like insurance these days. The times when you really need it – like you’re lost at night and need to Google Maps your way home – or times when it just facilitates things so much more smoothly – like looking up showtimes for a spontaneous movie night – really make it worthwhile.

    Remember when people used to have “car phones” in case of emergency? “I never use my mobile phone to talk to people, I just have it in case I need it”. That’s how it starts… and a few years later, look where we are now!

    I love my data plan ❤ it makes me feel like I'm in Star Trek

  2. lilkidz says:

    Now that Wind has a couple more data plan add-ons; 50MB and 500MB, have you still gone with a data plan? For me, not really needing a data plan. Having wifi on the phone is enough for me.

    • jysung says:

      Hey Lilkidz,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ve gone with the 500MB plan, and it’s plenty for me, at least for now.

      You’re right in that there’s no real “need” for my data plan. I mostly use it to feed my information-addiction, and the occasional tethering.

      Unfortunately, WIND’s live usage summary is taken down for 3 weeks each month, so I can’t see how much bandwidth I’ve used, so I get really nervous about over-usage, and end up using less than 200MB/month.

      • lilkidz says:

        Is there no way to check how much bandwidth you have used on directly from the BlackBerry?

        Then again, I really think Wind should at least give us an sms when we are nearing our cap. It should come with the *130# when checking our status of how many minutes and sms that we have left as well.

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