The best pho I ever had

Okay, seriously, it’s the best.

This weekend, I went to The Beach for the jazz festival.  We found a place called Queen Crepe & Funnel Cake boasting French/Vietnamese cuisine.  I love pho, and have had lots of it at many different places.  So far, the best I had found was in Montreal; far too far.

The restaurant is quite small, with only about 10 tables.  It’s decorated with notable quotes from notable people, handwritten on a black wall.  I know it’s really far, at 2199 Queen Street East, but it’s worth it!

When my boyfriend ordered the shredded pork spring rolls, the chef told us that because she insists on using authentic ingredients, and the spices needed for the spring rolls were currently hard to come by, they were not available.  I knew then that we were in for a true Vietnamese treat.

Then came the pho.  Oh.  The pho.

Firstly, unlike most Vietnamese restaurants, you don’t order a pre-set pho bowl, there’s only one pho on the menu, and you get to choose which cuts of meat you’d like in your soup, as many as you like.

Second, You know how the soup in pho is usually a clear brown colour?  The soup at Queen Crepe & Funnel Cake is so hearty that it’s opaque.  After speaking to the chef (who, incidentally is Vietnamese), I found out that she boils the stock for 6 hours every day, and uses no msg.  Surprisingly, the prices are comparable to any other pho place run by Chinese.

I will likely not have pho at other places much anymore, but The Beach is quite far for me.  However, it seems that people from Richmond Hill make the trek to The Beach for their pho all the time, so who knows?

I don’t usually tout the virtues of a restaurant, and I definitely don’t blog about it, but go!  Go for it!

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  1. […] Until they have a major overhaul of staff, perhaps with people who can speak English, I think I’ll spend less money in yummier places with better service…perhaps like Queen Crêpe and Funnel Cake! […]

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