Is it EVER okay to blog about work?

For most bloggers, it is inevitable that you will blog about work.  Your annoying coworkers, your boss who just can’t relate, your unreasonable clients, etc.  I haven’t taken the time to look back on the things that I’ve written, but I’m willing to bet that via the combination of things that I’ve tweeted and blogged, I’ve probably said things that are cause for dismissal.

I was listening to the radio today, and I heard that one man wrote a very angry blog post about all of his coworkers, his bosses, his company etc.  He disguised himself, didn’t mention his name, the company name, or any names, for that matter.  But SOMEHOW, people traced it back to him and he was forced to apologize to everyone.

I use Twitter as an outlet for my passing annoyances, and think that most of what I write is fleeting.  Of course complaints will be in the mix.  So, is it wrong to unload about work online?  Even if you don’t mention any names?  I’m not sure.  I have no sympathy for people who rag on their bosses by name on Facebook when their boss is one of their friends; that’s just foolish.  Before the days of Facebook, people usually complained to their friends and family.  Now, people talk to their friends and family ON Facebook, and that’s probably why we see this mistake so often.

But if you’re hiding your identity and you’re just letting loose on some anonymous webspace, with anonymous victims, I think having that traced back to you is more of a violation of privacy than a cause for corrective action.


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