One thing I wish my BlackBerry would do properly

Google Sync Comic

Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

I can’t really get my BlackBerry to organise my contacts properly.

I never had a phone that could properly back up my contact list, so when I got my BlackBerry in February, I manually typed in all of my phone numbers. I never mind doing this; I think of it as an opportunity to get familiar with the phone’s buttons. It’s not like I have that many contacts anyway.

Then I got data, and set up my gmail to the BB. Of course the nature of gmail is such that my contact list is a complete mess. I never bothered to clean them up, since typing the first few letters of anyone’s name got their address in the field. So nowadays, who remembers anyone’s numbers or email addresses? Of course I attempted to sync my gmail contacts to my BB, using none other than Google Sync. I really didn’t want to enable multiple entries, but the instructions told me to, so I did.

What did I end up with? Like 20 copies of each name, and the info was mixed up too, like home addresses of people would be saved under different people’s addresses, and phone numbers would be under wrong names too.

Well, I couldn’t really do much about it, because I couldn’t identify the wrong entries from the right entries. All I did was delete the many, many copies of the contacts and disable Google Sync of the contacts.

I’ve lived happily on, but I noticed that when someone emails me, their email address doesn’t get saved into my contact list. What’s more, if that person is already on my contact list (their phone number), there’s no easy way to add their email address to their contact card. I have to manually select, copy, paste into their contact list entry.


Why can’t you do this right, BlackBerry?

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3 Responses to “One thing I wish my BlackBerry would do properly”
  1. Richard says:

    Yeah, my experience with using Google Sync has just been horrible. The only solution I’ve ever found that works wonders is BlackBerry Enterprise Service since it syncs everything up to your Outlook.

    I think Google’s idea of making everyone a contact regardless of how many times you e-mail them is where the flaw is.

  2. Andrew says:

    I have an iPhone, and ever since Google licensed the ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft, Gmail on the iPhone has been an amazing experience. Instant push mail, contacts, and calendars, and they work great. It’s definitely a much slicker setup than on a BlackBerry–but I’ve never been a fan of having all my mail routed through BIS.

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