Baldwin Palace: Food Poisoning!

I reviewed this restaurant on Urban Spoon, and they deleted my post, so here’s my last ditch attempt to warn the public.  Don’t eat at Baldwin Palace!

I went there on Saturday to have some Cantonese Chow Mein, and I struggled with food poisoning for a week.

I know it was from Baldwin Palace, because I didn’t eat anything else out of the ordinary. Of course I ate my own home cooked food, so I guess I could have poisoned myself, but wouldn’t I have gotten sick again from eating that same food (I make several servings at a time)?

I know people like going there because it’s close to campus and it’s cheap and fast. Just don’t eat undercooked seafood there.

Oh, and what’s up with deleting my Urbanspoon post? It’s not like I’m lying, or breaking any of the terms/conditions! Sheesh people.

Also, they recently changed their name to Zhu’s Restaurant, so don’t eat there either. First restaurant on Baldwin and McCaul.

Now, if only my digestive system would come back to normal…


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