Bare Escentuals Refillable Buffing Brush


I was never a huge makeup guru, but when I started wearing makeup regularly, it was with mineral loose powder makeup.

Of course it’s a huge pain to travel with, so every time I saw the mineral makeup dispensing brushes, I was tempted to purchase it.  I finally gave one a try, and I decided to go with Bare Escentuals Refillable Buffing Brush.  The idea is that there’s a little container that holds your powder, and you insert it into the handle of the brush.

You twist the base of the handle to reveal the brush, and the powder is also released into the brush.

Seems like a great idea, but it doesn’t quite work in practice.

Essentially, the twisting action closes and opens a valve that shuts the powder in its container.  And once the valve is open, the powder is still sitting in its container.  Only by turning the brush upside down and tapping madly at the handle will the foundation come through to the bristles.

But even when you do manage to get the foundation into the brush, it doesn’t truly replicate the natural use of powders and brushes.  When I use powder makeup with a regular brush, the powder sits at the top of the bristles, and I tap the excess off.  Just by the nature of this brush, your powder is stuck at the base of the brush.  The only way to access the powder now, is to buff your face really hard.  Ouch!  Eventually, the base of the brush will get completely stuffed up with powder, and you’ll have absolutely no control how much product is getting on your face.

I’m not so sure anymore that this concept could ever work properly.  I would have posted pictures to demonstrate more clearly, but I returned the product post-haste.  That, and I don’t have a camera.

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