Why I Love, Love, Love Laywine’s Pens & Organizers

Though I’ve been using fountain pens nearly exclusively for about 4 years, there’s no doubt that they aren’t the most practical pen for some uses.  For example, writing on duplicate paper, where you need to push hard.  Or cheques, where permanence matters.  So I thought it was time for me to purchase a non-fountain pen.

My medium of choice was gel, because rollerballs are water-based (not waterproof), and I can NOT handle the 2 strokes it takes for ball point pens to work each time you pick it up to write with it.  Of course it’s very difficult to downgrade from hundred-dollar pens to 2 or 3-dollar blister-pack pens, so I decided to purchase a nice pen that I could refill for years to come.

When I went into Laywine’s (Bay and Cumberland, Yorkville Toronto), the staff and I discovered that my “gel” requirement was making it difficult to find a pen that suited my needs.  All the fancy pen companies made rollerball and fountain pens, but not gel pens.  After looking at a few “school pen”-style gel pens, I explained to the staff that I really didn’t want to buy a school pen.

Peter Laywine (the proprietor) personally came to my service, and took apart a Faber Castell Ambition rollerball pen, inserted a Parker gel refill into it.  Boy, does he ever know his pens!  Although the brands (and of course the models) weren’t matched, the refill fit perfectly, and I went home happily, with a brand new gel pen.  He even threw in two free refills, and promised to order packs of refills for future use.

And that’s why I pay a premium for stationery.

As for the pen itself, it’s a beautiful piece of hardware.  Heavy, but not overwhelming.  The body is made of resin, but has a satin wood-grain finish to it.  The best part is the beautiful engraving on the pen lid.  Just perfect.

Image courtesy of faber-castell.us

2 Responses to “Why I Love, Love, Love Laywine’s Pens & Organizers”
  1. tms says:

    I’m new to pen collecting and I found Laywine’s early in my new hobby. In the last 2 months, I’ve spend a significant amount of money with them and they have worked hard to get my business. Until today. I went looking for a pen, ink and supplies. While I was there, I wanted to exchange 2 lined notebooks I bought previously for identical notebooks without lines. Because I was outside the 30 day exchange, they said no.

    It is, of course, their choice but with a customer that has shown the loyalty I have and spent the money I have, I was very disappointed with this decision. For a pen, this policy makes sense but for a notebook that is still sealed and saleable, this seems to be a bad business decision for an organization that is competing with the Internet based on customer service.

    I’m very disappointed that my loyalty meant so little to these people.

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