No, I have not had plastic surgery

The past year has been a little interesting for me.  I sort of underwent a makeover year, where I dropped a noticeable chunk of weight, and was strongly encouraged by my mother to start dressing for my age.  I got a little better with my makeup, and of course, people noticed.  I didn’t really get too much feedback form most of the people in my life, but I got LOTS of feedback from my Korean-Canadian church members.

EVERY WEEK, “Janet, you look great these days!” “Janet, you look so pretty, I hardly recognize you!” “Janet, why are you getting so beautiful?”

It actually got to the point where they stopped being compliments and started being veiled insults.  Really?  Just how ugly was I?

Then finally, this Sunday someone REALLY went too far.  She said “Janet, you’re looking more beautiful every week.  Did you have plastic surgery?”

What?  In what world is that an appropriate thing to ask?  Okay, the thing is, it’s actually a compliment when it comes from Koreans.  Yes, we are cosmetic surgery crazy.  All we care about is the finished product, and not how we got there.  I guess that explains a lot of other things about the culture, like the rampant cheating in my tutorials.

However, I haven’t been able to find the fundamental difference between expert application of makeup, and surgery.  It’s just different degrees of artificial beauty.  So why is it that I find joy in wearing beautiful makeup, and consider myself too good for surgery?

One Response to “No, I have not had plastic surgery”
  1. KC says:

    I think you’re simply adhering to the North American social norms. In Korea it is not frowned upon to have surgery, but it is here. I mean, just look at a gossip magazine, they’re always “busting” celebs for having work done, implying that surgery-enhanced “beauty” is something shameful. Also, I think the permanency of surgery vs make-up marks a big difference. Make-up is “enhancement” but surgery is “alteration”. Just my two cents.

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