Asset Acquisition Anxiety

In two weeks, I will be moving into my first home. I don’t quite own it, in that I did not pay for the down-payment, nor can I afford the monthly mortgage payments, but it is legally under my name, and supported by my parents.

As a University of Waterloo graduate, I lived the life of a co-op student for five years, which meant being able to pack up my life and move to another city every 4 months (8 months for me, but same idea). This meant sleeping on mattresses without frames, folding chairs, plastic Rubbermaid tables doubling for desks. Your stuff needed to be portable, functional, easy to move, or easy to leave behind/sell.

Now the time has come to truly invest in my home, but I am being haunted by my past. There’s only two years left in my PhD program, and who knows what will happen then? Will I have to sell and move? Will I need to rent my condo out and rent elsewhere? If I do, do I really want to move my nice furniture? Or wouldn’t I prefer to leave behind cheaper furniture for my tenant?

I also have this fear of stuff accumulating and becoming a burden. You know that mouse option in Windows when you can have a trail of pointers? That’s what I feel about stuff. A laggy draggy thing that follows you around that you can’t get rid of. I don’t even know how to dispose of an old computer. How on earth do I offload a couch?

That, and everything I own eventually becomes garbage. Whether it’s a consumable or a capital good, doesn’t the book value of everything eventually reach zero (except land)?

So with 10 sleeps until moving day, I wander Corningware and Ikea, picking things up, and putting them down; picking things up, and putting them down. Even the fact that my mom is giving me so much of her brand new, unused housewares is making me nervous.

We all have too much crap.


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