An Exciting Year for Wireless Phone Services

It’s going to be an exciting year for wireless phone services in the GTA this year!  Not only did WIND launch at the end of 2009, there are two more companies that are on the brink of launching. Mobilicity is aiming to be a densely-populated area provider scheduled to launch in spring 2010, and Public … Continue reading

Ultra-racist Canadians rear their ugly heads in light of Tamil protests

Anyone who has read anything about Torontonian news in the last 2 months will know about the Tamil protests taking place in the streets.  Tamil-Torontonians have gathered forces in numbers, asking Canada and USA to take action against the supposed genocide happening in Sri Lanka.  I haven’t been following the actual information on what the … Continue reading

What an odd day

Today is “odd day.”  I heard on 680 news that may (05) 7, 2009 is designated as odd day, and it only comes six times a century.  I have no idea what constitutes an odd day, because wikipedia horribly failed me on this one. Well, happy odd day.

Get Your Bluetooth On

The act that will ban people from using cell phones while driving has passed its 3rd reading.  The authorities expect the act will come into force as early as this fall.  I’m betting that bluetooths will experience a price hike and maybe a demand-supply issue.  Go get your bluetooth on.  Make it a habit before … Continue reading

If you don’t stop fighting, I’m pulling the car over and making you walk home

This is a threat that I’m sure many children have heard growing up; I definitely did. Apparently, one New York lawyer actually pulled through on her threat and made her 10 and 12 year old daughters walk a few kilometers home.  Now she’s getting charged for endangering a child’s life. Oh well, at least she … Continue reading

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