Oh, those unethical Koreans

Ever since I’ve begun working as a graduate teaching assistant, I have been privy to some scandalous stories of students taking part in all sorts of academic dishonesty.  Some of it just blows my mind; the infractions are types that I would never have thought of! The reason for the seemingly-racist title is that…well, a … Continue reading

My First Academic Ethical Dilemma

I’m a very straight-forward person when it comes to academic integrity. Use the avenues legitimately available, and beyond that, it’s every person for themselves. I don’t work with other people unless the assignment demands it, and I don’t share my notes with people who don’t come to class with no good reason. Yesterday, I went … Continue reading

Wal-Town Meets a Double Degree

Anyone who has talked to me knows that I’m not a big fan of my program. I have expressed disdain for my classmates who have repeatedly shown themselves to be genuine business students: looking to make a quick buck with a semblance of ethics. Of course in an academic setting, the currency is not quite … Continue reading

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